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Rent a car in Iceland?

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Story by David Varga December 27th, 2015

Spectacular Landscapes, reliable cars

What is my experience with renting the cars in Iceland?

This year I made my 5th and 6th visit to this magnificent country. The country which could be my third home and which is so versatile, so different behind each corner, that even after so many visits I can still find something new and breathtaking there every once again.

And that is perhaps also the reason why many car producing companies come and shoot their commercials and TV spots here, why so many filmmakers choose Iceland as their shooting locations and why so many photographers consider this rather small island as the world’s paradise.

One of many unique experiences you can get in Iceland is the driving. Empty long roads zigzagging through vast and wild landscapes. Anytime you get out of the car and push the shutter button on your camera it could be a great poster pic. No matter if you stick to the main Ring road no. 1 or if you head towards the unpredictable adventure in the interior highlands.

Huge increase in Icelandic tourism in past years has also lead to emerging of many new car rental companies. So which car rental company should you choose when there is so many?

My personal recommendation goes to Lagoon Car Rental. Not only because it is a new established company which means they only buy brand new cars for you to rent, they also have very competitive prices and mostly, guys from Lagoon Car Rental (Ingo and Einar) are very flexible, communicative and willing to fulfill any customer’s needs. During my most recent trip we made the reservation of 2 cars only a day before our landing in Iceland, and even though they had only 1 car available for that time (according to the website) they managed to arrange the other car for us as well. When you are organizing your trip that is very dependent on weather (such as the hiking trip in our case) the flexibility and ability of improvisation is priceless here.

And that is exactly why I am going to rent the cars from Lagoon for my 3 following trips to Iceland in 2016!

Furthermore, in case you wold like to get an additional discount to your booking with Lagoon please contact me and I can arrange one for you. Hope you’ll enjoy Iceland!

Toyota RAV4 at the famous Vik black sand beach
RAV4 vs. DC-3
endless sunsets
RAV4 - great choice for both dirt and asphalt


amazing campsite in Eastfjords
Nordurfjordur and epic geothermal pool at Krossneslaug

DRIVING interior

RAV4 in the allien landscape near Landmannalaugar

Crossing rivers? no big deal

also Dacia Duster did really great work
always a thrilling experience



so are you already packing?